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Indoor Tanning Technology Equipment

The 7 Levels of indoor tanning are as followed:
  • Diamond Level
    These beds are designed to help you achieve a dark bronze colored tan in fewer sessions. Diamond level beds are the healthiest tanning beds for your skin!

  • Platinum Level
    The most significant benefit of this level is that you have the option to tan in the 9 minute VHR stand up bed. Standing up and tanning is often a great way to ensure your all over tan is truly - All Over! Under those arms - remember?! We also have a lay down VIVA bed for better comfort.

  • Gold Level
    These beds offer by UVA and UVA/UVB rays. This is important because, depending on your skin type, you may need a tanning bed with only UVA lamps or both. Ask your tanning professional for the right mix for your skin!

  • Silver Level
    This level of beds are great for tanners stuck at a plateau. It is a 15 minute session with facial bulbs. It is a very comfortable experience.

  • Bronze Level
    Just prefer 20 minute beds to shorter sessions? We offer 20 minute base building beds as low as $25 a month for unlimited tanning.

Feel free to ask our friendly and educated staff members to design a personal tanning program.

Having trouble keeping tanned legs? Slide into our 12 minute Leg tanner after any traditional tanning session.

If you are looking for spray tanning for a sunless UV FREE tan solution, we also offer the VersaSpa Spray tan.